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Albers Induces the Combustion of a Match

ever evolving perception;

the increasingly visceral intake of

visible chroma.

beneath my skin,

the moths synchronize their

wing beats

and escalate tempo into a sonic

fractal energy.

the anachronism of this

still moment

at my canvas

becomes tightly wound

brush strokes in alternating

turquoise and magenta,

extracted from the muted

neutrals, stamped like earth

by the caribou migrating

inside of me.

the saturation

as it advances

is overwhelming.

Oil on canvas, 4.5' x 4.5', 2011.

colors vibrate in harmony

as my retinas process them,

the moths chime back

as i clutch my stomach.

split complement

expressed over a forest;

frozen water molecules

read white

like the scales on the underside of a fish.

shimmering with wild.

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