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Last Looks: Sendai, Part One

During the fall, my friend Yui organized and hosted September Art Night, where my work and the photos of Mel Picardal, as well as Keita Candle were each featured. It was a cozy event on a rooftop near the downtown area, at a building owned by a member of one of Sendai’s renovation schools. It has become a fashionable yet practical pursuit for younger Japanese entrepreneurs to work together to restore and renovate older buildings for new businesses and homes. The renovation team that Yui is a part of are very active in their city and work hard to research sustainable solutions in their community, as well as host events like maker festivals that showcase local small businesses. I feel very honored to have been able to exhibit my work among friends in such a unique yet comfortable location. I wish the whole group I was able to work with all the best in their future pursuits.


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