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What has lain hidden in

plain sight, between

the curios,

before my fledgling thoughts

had time to hatch?

It’s that moment, without breath

to inhale; stopped

but electric

and moving so, so fast.

There’s my history erasing


bit by bit,

slowly crashing

into the crash test wall.

How many pheromones must one inhale

before one’s brain gets all wired for

someone else?

I couldn’t breathe then, so

how do I explain this:

as my thoughts turn to you,

apricot sunset, avocado mist and

darting, reluctant, deep umber sparrows,

crystalizing sugar amber fire,

kicking up lavender rockets and

my unexplained,

focused contemplation of your lower lip?


Who am I to venture a guess

as to how deep you go?

It’s perfume spilled in the street

the whole world can smell the

subtle notes, it’s not just me.

I am walking in a cloud of

sticks to my skin,

echoes in my hallways,

scratches at my door,

and counts my pulse.


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