Thank you

To everyone who has been able to attend the student exhibitions that I have been a part of during my time at California State University, Long Beach:

you have my gratitude and my appreciation. Thank you.

May 5 – 9, 2013. Group Exhibition

XIII:  BFA Drawing and Painting Exhibition – Gatov West, Gatov East

February 3 – 7, 2013 Group Exhibition

Heaven and Earth – Gatov West

Participants: Sarah Moor, Hiromi Yokoo

September 16 – 20, 2012 Group Exhibition

Corpo Umano + ChuSho-Ga  – Dutzi Gallery

Participants: Sarah Moor, Kelsey Livingston

February 12 – 16 , 2012 Group Exhibition

Biomorphic – Gatov East

Participants: Erika Levy, Katie Kies, Sarah Moor

September 11 – 15, 2011. Group Exhibition,

Foundation Show –  Werby Gallery.

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