Weekend on Governors Island

A few pictures from my weekend travels.

East river ferry.

View of manhattan from Governors Island.

Look who it is!

On the island, there are vintage carousel and amusement park items from the early 20th century on display, as well as working rides for children.

Look at the other photographer’s eyebrow raise from across the way. >_^

A veritable menagerie of carousel animals. These are of the special, “do not ride” variety.

Proceed with caution:

Also: check out the Spooner Centaur. It was a popular practice in the early 20th century, mostly in Europe, to fashion a carousel horse after a contemporary hero. I’m not exactly sure who this is. 200 points to whoever can identify this noble likeness in the comments.

The houses on the island are all very old and in charming states of dilapidation. Some of the disrepair can be seen through windows and observed throughout the homes that are open during the 4heads Art Fair this month; makes for rich photo opportunities. I’ve only my iPad to work with, but if you have good equipment and want an adventure, plan your weekends accordingly!

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